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Gershman Marina

   Год рождения: 1969, Страна: Соединённые Штаты Америки
My name is Marina Gershman. I was born in Chisinau, Moldova in 1969 and graduated its Academy of Music as a pianist. In 1995, my family and I came to America, where I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York as a fashion designer. As I continued my career, I started to use fabrics to create collages, and my unique technique was born. The use of many colors, tones and shades helps the collages achieve a painting-like appearance. Among my artistic passions are doll making, silk painting, needle felting, making glass mosaics, ceramic painting, watercolor illustration, knitting, designing men's ties, bag painting and more. I hope you’ll enjoy my works. Подробнее...
Gershman Marina. Park Tunnel
Gershman Marina. Paris
Gershman Marina. October