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Дубинский Светлана
Дата рождения: 
Тель Авив


Svetlana Dubinsky was born in Moscow in 1950. She studied art in the studio of Jan Rauchwerger from 1966 until 1968 and in the studio of Vladimir Weisberg from 1968 until 1972. She graduated from the Moscow Pedagogic Institute, Art Department.

Participated in group and individual exhibitions in Moscow:
Individual exhibitions in IPPI, (1978), in the Decorative Arts of the USSR Magazine office (1984), and in exhibitions of “Color” art group (1988-1989).
Participated in group exhibitions in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Raanana (1990-1999). Individual exhibitions in Tel Aviv, (1994-1995). Participated in exhibitions in C.A.S.E. Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey
City (1999-2003), and had an individual exhibition in C.A.S.E (2000).

Svetlana was a resident of NYC from 1999 until 2011. Her works were exhibited in galleries in NYC and NJ.

From 2011 until now Svetlana is a resident of Tel Aviv, Israel. She has been participating in numerous exhibitions throughout Israel.

Her works are represented in private collections in Russia, Israel and U.S.A (at the Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in New Jersey).