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Adamova Ella
Дата рождения: 
Tel Aviv


I present a cross-selection of my sculptural works of ceramics, chamotte and other materials.
My ideas are, like the materials I use, flexible and often yield unexpected forms. When I work on an object am interested in the fluid, specifically the flexible and plastic properties of a surface so that I can balance the colour and texture of the object with its form. For me, it is also important that the object has proportions relevant to the space where it will likely be situated. This, I feel, helps to maintain function and form.
Perhaps one of my greatest excitements comes from the opportunity to feel new materials in my hands and to discover myself in a different creative atmosphere. I find this especially inspiring, and it motivates my continued interest towards my unlimited sense for the artistic combinations of new media and form. After working as an artist for many years, I have learned that I am always a student who is eager to learn and to create

Выставки автора 

Since 1976 participated in 45 exhibitions in Russia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Scotland and the USA.

2019 Ella Adamova - keramische Skulpturen, Juri Zurkan - Ölgemälde , Berlin

2018 Museum Steglitz, Berlin

2017 Foyer der Helikon Oper, Moskau

2017 „Zum 85. Gründungstag des Künstlerverbandes“, Krimskij Wal, Moskau

2016 „Feuerspuren – von rauchgeschwärzt bis salzig Blau“, Keramikmuseum Westerwald, Höhr-Grenzhausen

2015  HEIM_SPIEL_Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin

2014 Terzo Mondo, Berlin

2014 Wohltätigkeits-Auktion zugunsten Sheba Medical Centers Israel, Schloss Bellevue, Berlin

2014 „Berlin, wir lieben dich!“, Art Center Berlin

2014 „Bestiarium“, Darwin-Museum, Moskau

2014 „Neue Wege“, GEDOK, Berlin

2013 „Treffpunkt Berlin“, Russisches Haus, Berlin

2012 „Zum 80. Gründungstag des Künstlerverbandes“, Krimskij Wal, Moskau

2012 Galerie „A4“, Starokonjuschennij 37, Moskau

2011 „Probeball“, im Sockel des Denkmals „Arbeiter und Kolchosbäuerin“, Moskau

2011 „Theaterkünstler “, Kusnetskij Most, Moskau

2007-2010 „Bestiarium“, Darwin-Museum, Moskau

2003-2004 Liberty Art Gallery, SLS, UT, USA

1983 „Soviet Stage Design 1917-1982“, CITY ART CENTRE, Edinburgh

1979 „Malerei und Bühnenbild für Theater, Kino und Fernsehen“, Die Manege, Moskau

1976 Galerie des Russischen Theaterverbande anläßlich der XII. UNIMA Tagung, Moskau