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Nesis Elisheva


My main interest is looking for signs of mysteries in our life and studying evidences of their penetrations into the real world. Almost all my paintings and books are around this theme. As well I've been trying to detect mysterious penetrations in some border individuals.
So it was just natural to me to settle in Jerusalem, the most mysterious place in the world. This city has a great influence at my paintings and texts. 

Instead of proper autobiography I prefer to let you know 10 facts about me. At least 9 of them are true :)

1. I was a psychiatrist. The problem is that I finished my psychiatric practice many years ago, but still arrive at diagnosis.

2. I'm an author of 10 books (fiction and poetry). The problem is that all of them are in Russian and only one is translated to English.

3. I'm a full time artist for last 10 years. More then 200 original paintings of mine are in private collections and museums in 15 countries. The problem is that now I want some of them back.

4. I have a beautiful old Himalayan cat. The problem is that veterinarians don't accept paintings or drawings instead of money.

5. I live 2 miles from the center of the Universe. The problem is that you can't hide yourself from God here.

6. During 5 years I was a cat. The problem is to be a Human being now.

7. My son is a musician and my husband is a writer. I guess there is no need to explain what is the problem here.

8. I'm a senior lieutenant. The problem is that this army and even the state don't exist any more.

9. I get from 5 to10 injections and few pills every day. No problem.

10. I hate lies. This is a big problem.

Выставки автора 

Solo exhibitions:

'ALEF, ALEF, ALEF', Jerusalem, Gallery of Cinemateque, June 2017
'ROOF CRASH', Bet Ha-Kerem, Jerusalem, July 2015.
'CATS and ANGELS of JERUSALEM', Jerusalem Arts Center, House Of Quality, August 2012.
'THAT'S IT', HaTeva Museum, Jerusalem, October 2010.

Selected group exhibitions:

'JAZZ RHYTHM', Harmonia Hall, Jerusalem, November 2017.
'A THIN SLICE OF ISRAELI ART', Jerusalem, Gallery of Cinemateque, May 2017
"ALL THAT ART", Lighthouse Gallery, Jaffa. December, 2016
"SELF-EXPRESSION, SELF-INTRODUCTION", Menachem Begin Heritage Center, Jerusalem, September 2016
'BIOOMAN-8', Canada, Toronto, Thomas Lounge @ Ryerson University, July 2016
'ISRAELI ART', Jerusalem, Gallery of Cinemateque, May 2016
'NIGHT and DAY', Tel-Aviv, Dizengof Square, Hotel 'Cinema', 2016
'The 70th VD', Harmonia Hall, Jerusalem, 2015
'EILAT GOT TALENT', Eilat, Conservatorium, 2015
'Crazy Colors', 'SUN AND SHADOW', Tel Aviv, Migdalei Neeman, 2015
'Israeli artists come to Ariel', Ariel, January 2015
'LIGHT AND SPACE', Tel Aviv, Migdalei Neeman, 2015
Graphic biennial 'ON PAPER', Jerusalem, Harmony hall, 2014
'CITY', Old Jaffa, Lighthouse Gallery, November 2014
'Good Morning Tel-Aviv', Ramat-Aviv, Neeman Towers, 2014
'OLD JAFFA REVEALS IT'S SECRETS', 'THE OBJECT', Old Jaffa, Lighthouse Gallery, 2014
'LIVE GRAMOPHONE', Holon, Art Gallery 44, 2014
'SPEAKING OF WINE', Jaffa, 'GRAPE-MAN' The Israeli Centre for Wine Culture, 2014
'BODY LINE', Lighthouse Gallery, Old Jaffa, 2014.
'Good Morning Tel Aviv', Migdalor Gallery, 2013.
'ARS LONGA', Lighthouse Gallery, Old Jaffa, 2013.
'Jerusalem of Gold', The Culture Center of Russia, Tel Aviv, 2012.
'The March cat', Hillel 27 Culture Center, Jerusalem, 2011.
'City landscape', Harmonia Hall, Jerusalem, 2011.
'Sukkot', The Municipality of Jerusalem, 2010.
'Three days only', Beit Daniel, The Center of Progressive Judaism, Tel Aviv, 2010.