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Lutzky Galya
Tel Aviv


Born in the Soviet Union.

Graduated from Moscow State Pedagogical University in 1981.

Member of  the Moscow Union of Designers since 1997 and

member of the Creative Union of  Professional Artists (Russia) in 2009.

Moved to Israel  in 2014.

Works in various media:  paintings, graphics, ceramics, installations, photography.

Participated in many exhibitions in Russia, Europe, United States and Israel

Participated in a number  of international conferences dedicated to the subject of connecting art and science.

Выставки автора 


2016 The Logic of Image: Visualization, Iconicity, Imagination and Human Creativity (Santorini Island, Greece)

2014 Bridges Math Art Conference (Seoul, Korea)              

2014 The 2nd International Conference “Science, Technology and Art Relations” – STAR (Tel Aviv, Israel)

2013 9th Interdisciplinary Symmetry Congress (Hersonissos, Greece)  


Solo exhibitions

2016 Museum/Art Gallery  “8 in Jaffa”  (Jaffa, Israel)                                                                                                  

2016 “Harmony and Improvisation” Jazz Globus festival (Jerusalem, Israel)

2014 “Lattices” Aviva Shemer gallery (Haifa, Israel)  -  arranged by Prof. Dan Shechtman, Nobel Prize winner                                           

2013 “Intrusive ideas” Michael Korolev studio (Winzavod, Moscow, Russia)

2013 Comod gallery (Moscow, Russia)      

2012 Gallery M (Vienna, Austria)

2012 “Wire” A3 gallery (Moscow, Russia)                                          

2011 “The search for invariant” From Russia with Art Gallery (Boston., USA)

2011 Garage gallery (Nikolina Gora, Moscow, Russia)

2009 “The search for invariant” Kino gallery (Moscow, Russia)

2009 “Habitat” Indigoart gallery (Central House of Architect, Moscow, Russia)

2008 “Structures”A3 gallery  (Moscow, Russia)

2007 The Moscow House of Nationalities Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

2006 Today gallery (International University in Moscow, Russia)

2006 Studio “Lazur da Glina” (St.Petersburg,  Russia)                                                                                              2001 Club ”Ars”, The Central House of Architect (Moscow, Russia)


Solo expositions at art fairs

2016 “Structures and Spaces” Santorini Art Factory (Santorini Island, Greece)                                                                                                     2014 STAR - Science, Technology and Art Relations Conference (Tel Aviv, Israel)                                                      2013 9th Interdisciplinary Symmetry Congress (Hersonissos, Greece)                                                                           2012, 2013 Lincoln Center Art and Crafts festival (New York, USA)                                                                             2012 Beverly Hills Art Show (Los Angeles, USA)                                                                                                          2010, 2011 Art Expo New York (New York, USA)                                                                                        2009,2010,2012 Montreux Art Gallery Salon d'Art Contemporain (Montreux, Switzerland)                                                                                                                                                                    2009 ART & STYLE (St. Gallen, Switzerland)                                                                                                       2008, 2009, 2012 Session of artists, A3 Gallery                                                                                                2008,2009,2010 Artesania  (New Manege, Moscow, Russia)                                                                                                                                                                                   2009, 2011  Graphic Arts Fair Hudgraph (New Manege, Moscow, Russia)                                                                 2008 Art Deco (New Manezh, Moscow, Russia)                                                                                                        2007 Today gallery (New Manege, Moscow, Russia)                                                                                                                                                                                                                2006, 2007 Artistes Contemporains (Geneva, Switzerland)                                                                                      2005,2006 Art project “Flea market” , Tishinka (Moscow, Russia)                                                                                                     2004, 2005 Art International (Zurich, Switzerland)                                                                                                    2002-2006 Art Salon (Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia)                                                                              2003 Art Sokolniki  (Moscow, Russia)                                                                                                             1999,2000, 2001 Muba  (Basel, Switzerland)                                                                                                     1996,1997 Design-96,97 (Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia)

Selected group exhibitions, A3 Gallery (Moscow, Russia)


2017”Labirynths” , A3 Gallery (Moscow, Russia)

2016 “Gallery A3: 30 years”, jubilee project, A3 Gallery (Moscow, Russia)                                                              2016 Santorini Art Factory (Santorini Island, Greece)

2016 “New Wave” (Harmony Hall, Jerusalem, Israel)

2015, 2016 Harmony Hall  (Jerusalem, Israel)                                                                                            

2015 Israeli art, Art and About Gallery (Bank Hapoalim , Tel Aviv , Israel)

2015 Skizza Gallery (Jerusalem)

2014 Bridges Math Art (Seoul, Korea)

2014 Byblos Art, Salon de chocolate (Paris, France)

2014 Byblos Art, Salon de chocolate (Zurich, Switzerland)

2013 Auction  Rossini, Mecenavie Gallery  (Paris, France)

2012 Art Play (Moscow, Russia)

2011 Art Preview contest,  Exhibition of finalists (Moscow, Russia)

2011 Galerie Arte Laue (Avenches, Switzerland)                                                                                              2010,2011 Columbus Avenue Outdoor Exhibition (New York, USA)

2010 Ward Nasse Gallery (New York, USA)

2010 Byblos Art  (Geneva, Switzerland)

2010 Galerie Monod (Paris, France)                                                                                                                               2009 Fireplace Salon (Moscow, Rusia)                                                                                                                            2008, 2009, 2012 A3 Gallery. session of artists (Moscow, Russia)                                                                           2008 Today Gallery,  Graphic Arts Fair Hudgraph (New Manege, Moscow, Russia)                                                                                

  1. Galerie Art Present (Paris, France)

2008 designHOF+, Atelier im Kehlhof (Stafa, Switzerland)

2006 Modernes Kunsthandwerk im alten Ritterhaus Bubikon (Switzerland)

2005 B/N gallery, The Best Art Galleries salon (Moscow, Russia)

2002 “Sand, flowers, asphalt” (Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia)                                                              2002 Festival “Buyan-Ostrov” (Sochi, Russia)                                                                                                                  2001 Tendence  (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany)                                                                                                             1999 Gallery on Peschanaya  (Moscow, Russia)