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Розин Елена
Дата рождения: 


Elena Rozin was born in Gomel, Belarus in 1974. From 1994 she lives in Israel. 
Elena draws and paints as she remembers herself. During all her life Elena is studying new techniques and new methods to express her thoughts through the art. 
Elena was a student of AXL (Boris Axelrod)- a great artist, philosopher and researcher that searched and actually renewed encaustic – an ancient technique of wax painting that was forgotten and taught it his students. In addition to encaustic Elena uses a lot of different techniques such as oil, acrylic, watercolors and graphic techniques as etching and others. 
There are vibrant themes in Elena's works. From very clear and exact still life throughout free fantasy that gradually closes up to music and illustrations of books of great writers. 
Elena regularly shows her works in different exhibitions. A large number of her works are existed in private collections in Israel, USA, Russia, Belarus, Germany and UK. 

2004 – “Belgium House”, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 
2004- “Beck Science Center”, Jerusalem. 
2005 - “Beck Science Center”, Jerusalem. 
2012 – “Beit Gabriel” on Kinnereth. 
2013 – “Casa Dona Gracia” Museum, Tiberias 
2014 - “Casa Dona Gracia” Museum, Tiberias 
2014 – “Migdalor” Gallery, Jaffa 
2015 - “Casa Dona Gracia” Museum, Tiberius 
2015 – Galeria Szyb Wilson, Katowice, Poland. 
2016 - The Gallery of naïve art, Malaga, Spain. 
2016 - Man and Animals Museum, Ramat Gan. 
2016 - Gallery of naive art, Kutna Hora, Czech Republic. 
2017- Ein Hod General Gallery.
2018-The general exhibition of Artist's Village in Safed
2018- Beit Gabriel, Jordan Valley